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Back and Leg Pain During Pregnancy?

Common Problems During or After Pregnancy:
--Low Back Pain                    --Low Energy
--Pelvis or Hip Pain                --Headaches
--Mid Back Discomfort           --Nausea
--Neck Tension                      --Vomiting
--Radiating/Burning Pain        --Loss of Sleep
   in the Legs

Chiropractic may make your pregnancy more comfortable.  Studies have shown that women are able to carry and deliver children with more comfort when receiving chiropractic care.  Back pain, which is a common symptom in pregnancy, may indicate the presence of spinal misalignments.

Reduce pain during labor and pregnancy.  In a clinical evaluation of two competing hospitals, it was noted that chiropractic care reduced the need for painkillers by 50%.

Chiropractic Treatment During Pregnancy
 is Gentle, Safe, and Effective

Our special treatment table has an area in the center that moves downward to allow plenty of room for the stomach (when laying face down on the table), no matter what trimester.

Adjustments of the spine are very gentle to relieve the pressure on the nerve causing the pain.  Dr. Kang's and Dr Ehl's adjustments are gentle enough to adjust this 10 year old child.

Chronic Back Pain After Giving Birth is Very Common!

During the later stages of pregnancy, the natural hormones loosens your ligaments to allow the baby to come out easier through the pelvis, but it can also allow your spine and pelvis to slip out of place.  Add in the extra weight of the baby, the over-extension of the lower back, and carrying the baby for 9 months, and your back is bound to have problems?

We can fix your back and make it feel like new again!

The adjustments will put your spine back into place, our massage tables will stretch out your spine, and the exercises will strengthen everything around it, to make you as good as new.

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X-Rays will not be taken if you are pregnant.

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