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Exercise Videos

Exercise Videos For Patients
(Allow a few minutes to load the videos)

Caution:  Do Not Exercise if you are Sore or in Pain!
Without first getting adjusted to get your spine back into proper alignment, exercise Alone may make it worse and prolong the healing time.

Range of Motion Exercises


     ROM for Neck                    ROM for Lower Back

Isometric Exercises


     Iso for Neck                       Iso for Lower Back

Neuromuscular Re-education Exercise


     NMR for Neck                    NMR for Lower Back

NMR for Shoulder Blades

Weight Lifting Exercises

Neck Exercises


  Neck Extension                      Neck Side Bends

Upper Back Exercises


Lat Pull Down                          Seated Row

Lower Back Exercises


Back Extension                         Side Bends 


Shoulder Rotator Cuff Exercises


 Empty Can                           Biceps Raise

Internal and External Rotation

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