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Injured In A Car Accident?

We Are Car Accident Injury Specialists!

Free Consultation
If you were injured in an auto accident, there is usually No Out Of Pocket Expense at all.  Even if the other person at fault had no car insurance or the damage to your car was relatively minor, you still have the right to get the treatment you need.  We offer a Free consultation and exam for anyone who has been in a car accident.

                Possible Options That Will Pay For Your Treatment Include:
                --Medical Payments Coverage on your own car insurance policy.
                --Uninsured Motorist Coverage on your own car insurance policy.
                --Talking with the At-Fault's Insurance Company to pay for
                   your treatments (3rd Party Claim).
                --Getting a Car Accident Attorney to handle your claim
                   (attorney/doctor lien)
                --Using your own Health Insurance Benefits.

Attorney Liens Accepted
If you don't have a lawyer or don't know if you need a lawyer, we will guide you through it and refer you to several good attorneys if necessary.  doctor/attorney lien means we will wait for payment until you are done with treatment and your personal injury case is settled. We don't ask the patient to pay for anything.

3rd Party Claim
If the damage to your car was relatively minor (less than $2000 damage), most lawyers will not take the case.  You can still talk with the At-Fault's Insurance Company and get the treatment you need paid for. 

Is this your first car accident? Dr. Kang and Dr Ehl can guide you so you know what to expect from your own insurance company, the other person's (at fault) insurance company, the auto body shop, requesting the police report, getting a rental car, and let you know if you need a lawyer or not.

Dr. Kang highly recommends getting at least 2 auto body repair estimates.  One estimate should be an independant body shop that you choose, NOT recommended by the at-fault's insurance company or even your insurance company.  We can recommend great high quality body shops that won't put cheap after market parts on your car.

Not all chiropractors are car accident specialists like Dr. Kang and Dr Ehl are?  There are a certain number of diagnoses or conditions that are commonly missed by most chiropractors.  If they are overlooked, it can hurt your recovery, your future health, and your personal injury settlement.

Common Signs That You Need To Be Checked By A Chiropractor...
 --Any whiplash with or without pain  --Low Energy / Fatigue
 --Headaches or more Migraines 
 --Loss of Sleep or
    excessive sleepiness
 --Lower Back Pain and/or Stiffness 
 --Anxiety / Flashbacks to accident
 --Dizziness / Nasea  --Tingling/Numbness in the
    Arms  or Legs
 --Depression / Social Withdrawl  --Flare Up of a Previous
 --Shoulder or Chest Pain  --Breathing Pain from the Ribs
 --Even minor 5 mph "Fender Benders"
    or "bumps" are serious
 --Mid Back Pain / Rib Pain
 --"Clunk" Sound with neck movement  --Taking longer to Think and    
    Remember things.

Waiting Too Long to see if the Pain Will Go Away with Pain Medication Jeopardizes your Chances of Getting the Chiropractic Care You Need Paid for and Could Lead to a Chronic Condition in the Future.

Same Day Appointments Available!  Call (951) 341-6565.

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