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Conditions Successfully Treated

Spine Conditions

Neck Related Conditions:
    --Neck Pain or Stiffness
    --Pinched Nerve
    --Cervical Disc Problem
    --Tension Headaches
    --Tingling/Numbness in the Arms or Hands
    --Jaw Pain and Clicking Jaw

       Nerves of the Neck

Lower Back Related Problems:
    --Lower Back Pain / Stiffness
    --Muscle Spasms
    --Lower Back Disc Problems
    --Sciatica/Pain Radiating to the
       Legs or Feet
    --Pregnancy Related Back Pain
    --Low Back Arthritis
    --Acute Pinched Nerve
Nerves of the Low Back                                                       Sciatic Nerve
                                                                                                    to Leg

Mid Back Related Conditions:
    --Mid/Upper Back Pain
    --Chronic Shoulder Tension
    --Rib Pain/Pain taking deep breath
    --Shoulder Blade Irritation

General Conditions:
    --Pregnancy Related Back Pain
    --Car Accident Injuries


Lower Extremity Related Conditions:
    --Short Leg
    --Hip Joint Pain/Snapping Hip Syndrome
    --Knee Arthritis and Pain
    --Running/Jogging Problems
    --Ankle Discomfort and Weakness
    --Plantar Fascitis
    --Flat Feet or Arches
    --Ball of the Foot Pain / Metatarsal Pain

          Short Leg

Upper Extremity Related Conditions:
    --Shoulder Pain
    --Rotator Cuff Injury
    --Elbow Joint Problems
    --Tennis Elbow or Golfer's Elbow
    --Wrist Pain
    --Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Did you forget someone who should be checked?

--Kids need chiropractic too, to grow up healthy and strong.

Kids fall an average of 2700 times before the age of 7 years old!

Pain pills, anti-inflammatories, and muscle relaxers just covers up the pain without fixing the cause, while still allowing the condition to get worse.

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